Raw Cacao Extract (Chocolate)



Our Chocolate Extract is made without heat to avoid ameliorating the true flavor: the nibs are soaked in alcohol, then removed. What’s left is a deep-dark brown elixir of highly-concentrated pure chocolate flavor and aroma. If you take the cap off and give it a sniff, the scent of pure chocolate will blow you away.


When to use chocolate extract in a recipe:
Chocolate extract is best added to recipes which already include chocolate as an ingredient, we would not recommend using this as an alternative to chocolate in a recipe. This extract will enhance the chocolate flavouring of your bake.

Our chocolate extract can be used in place of or as well as vanilla, to amplifies the chocolate flavour.

NOTE: One of the most important factors that determines the quality of the outcome is how long you allow the cacao extract to age. While you can use it in 6 months, the flavor becomes vastly superior the longer it ages. For best results wait a year. OTF Market chocolate extract ages 18 months before we bottle for use.