About Us

In today’s busy world we are always in a hurry or on the run and doing things, “on the fly”.

Since the 1950s, we have had so many new technological innovations that we thought would make our lives easier, faster, simpler. Yet, we have no more “free” or leisurely time today than our ancestors.

While travelling across Canada, exploring BC, via road trips through small towns, ghost towns, islands and rural areas, we discovered many hard working farmers and artisans offering their handmade, homemade or homegrown products for sale as part of their livelihood.

Some of these folks live hours from cities, in under-serviced communities where supplies are limited and they rely on one another, on a daily basis. Where market stands and roadside stands are a favourite tradition that have become a great place for artisans to share their stories and products with locals and visitors from afar.

We wanted to create a mobile market that offers handmade gifts, homemade treats, wild crafted remedies and seasonal fruits and vegetables to remote communities and decided to call our business, On The Fly Country Market (after the idiom “on the fly”, while in motion or progress).

We look forward to creating relationships with local farmers, artisans, visitors and customers as we network to provide a solution for healthy living, “on the fly” both locally and remotely.

About On The Fly Country Market